Remembering Chelsea With
“Our Song” Daily

by Mark Treick on January 8, 2014

My sweet little daughter Chelsea passed away nearly 15 months ago on August 24th, 2012, and for some reason today I was reminded of an event that happened a month after her passing that I thought I would share with you.

After Chelsea's passing I found myself searching through my music collections hoping to find solace and healing in its power. As I did this search, a simple tune popped into my head and it wouldn't leave. It lingered and it lingered.

But as I knew the melody I didn't know the song's name.

When the morning of her memorial service came the tune still played in my head. When we arrived at the church my family gathered in a side room as the rest of the people attending congregated in the sanctuary, the song kept playing stronger with more clarity. It was leading me and making sure I stayed conscious in the moment and not lost in some dark room somewhere in my mind where so many go in times of terrible tragedy.

Two months later we had a business conference in San Diego, California, we needed to attend, so we made it a family trip and visited extended family and Disneyland as well. We needed to create new family memories. Even now, the tune kept playing in the background, always there. Not incessantly; it was there comforting me.

Then I met a woman at our conference who was very empathic, and as she was chatting with me she suddenly stopped our conversation, and said, "I'm sorry, Mark, but do you know your daughter is sitting on your left shoulder?"

"What?", I said.

"Can you feel her?"

"No" I said.

"That's Okay . . . She just was hoping you could." She continued, "She want to tell you some things."

"Okay," I said smiling and crying.

She continued talking about Chelsea - what she was doing at that moment, what she's been doing since her passing, and then she told me some simple messages she wanted Daddy to know.

Here's what my friend mediated to me:

1) "There was nothing you could do, Daddy, it was my time" 2) "When you look up I will always be in our stars" 3) I am playing with my favorite "Yellow Toy" right now (Long story short - she was with my Golden Retriever, Bristol - whom she loved!) 4) And I will always be with you with "Our Song"

After I heard that the song played in my head again, but now more prevalent than ever before. At the time I still didn't know what the sone's title was, so I went back to my hotel room and You Tubed Yanni songs and searched and searched. I was amazed with what I found.

What I discovered became more than significant, it became our connection. The song became a way for us to share our love for each other whenever it played.

The name of the song? "The End of August."

And on that "End Of August" day in 2012 I thought my world had ended. But, instead, this song reminds me always that the "End Of August" was a new beginning in so many ways…

Daddy loves you Sweetie Pie - ALWAYS!

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Justin L Cherubim February 15, 2014 at 11:12 pm

I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s never easy when a child, your own child is lost. I am and have been in music, playing keyboards, in different bands during my life and I know the power of music and how a simple melody can change a person’s feelings in a split second.
Keep your song for you and Chelsea and may you always have that to bring her that much closer to your heart.
With deepest Sincerity,
Justin L Cherubim


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