What to Charge Clients and Make It Work Immediately

by Mark Treick on May 17, 2013

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I want to share with you how you can set a price for your services, especially if you do some kind of one-on-one work like a message therapist, a personal growth coach, an artist doing commission work, etc.

Anyone who is self-employed and want to get the price they feel they want to earn.

How can you do this?

First, set how many hours a week you are willing to work to reach that annual income goal. Then divide the hours per week by the annual income. Now you'll know how much you need to earn per hour to reach that goal.

In to reach your income goal you'll need to put in to that slot your hourly wage. Let's say it's you fill the slot with $20/hr at 40 hrs a week, or $40/hr working 20 hours a week.

What's important here is that you are giving your subconscious mind a way to deal with a unit it can easily grasp. A bite sized piece it can deal with. Not a large number that can create less clarity.

You know now, when you fill up your calendar with clients paying you $20/hour, you'll meet your annual income goal.

Now you block out the hours on your schedule you are willing to work and to see clients.

The next step is to start telling people what you do and that these are your rates. Ask them if they would like to make an appointment.

Little by little the spaces in the schedule will fill.

Eventually in this process you will find people that will say, "Yes I would like to make an appointment, but I can't afford to pay you $20"

"Well," you say, "that's my regular rate. How much would you be able to afford?"

They say, "I'd really like to see you but I can only pay $10."

You say, "Fine, I'll put you on the schedule as long as I have space available, but if someone comes who is willing to pay my full price I'll have to put them in in place of you. Is that Okay?"

They say "yes" and it's all worked out. You have them as a client but at a lesser rate, but now the message that by their paying less they might be bumped off the schedule for a full paying clients. It's all very clear. There's nothing hidden.

Then you fill up your calendar with some clients who are paying full price and some who are paying less.

What's important here is that you are creating a pattern of spending your scheduled hours working with people and delivering your service at a high quality.

It's important to do the very best work you can no matter what for all your clients simply because your clients need to feel your work is valuable to them.

By doing this their appreciation will advertise for for you by referring more clients to you.

As more people come in you tell them, "My rate is $20/hour." They say,"Fine."

Then you simply put them in a place on your schedule where someone who is paying less had been coming.

And then you tell the person who is paying less, "I'm sorry but someone here wants this spot that is paying full price, if you can pay me my full rate I'll keep you there and if not then I'll have to put them in. I'm sure you understand."

This way, instead of working more and longer hours, you're keeping to your plan to fill in the hours you want to work per week.

You're gradually raising your level of payment until you schedule is full at the $20 rate.

Then as your schedule fills and people are vying for spots to see you, you decide, "Great, maybe I should increase my hourly rate." So you decide to do that.

Yyou decide you want to increase your hourly rate and increase it by 20%. Now you're gong to charge $25/hour.

Go to your clients and tell them what your plans are, "Is that Okay with you?" you ask.

Many will say "sure…" They do this because they like the work you're doing for them.

Other clients will say, "No I can't do it…"

Then you'll say, "Fine . . . I'll keep you on the schedule as long as I have space for you… But," you continue, "if someone comes in that is willing to pay the $25, then I'll have to put them in your slot…"

By doing your scheduling this way you will gradually increase your prosperity without working more hours than you already set goals for.

This model actually works very well because it's getting your mind into this mode of being clear what your goal is and clear with when you want to work. Creating order and control and power in your life.

If you're thinking is "But I really have to earn a lot of money soon, so I have to schedule as many appointments as possible to reach my financial goals," then your world becomes quite chaotic and dispersed and you end up inconveniencing yourself and creating a sense of franticness in your life.

You want to avoid this all costs because the end result will always lead to frustration and desperation, and these are negative modes you want and need to avoid.

The 4 keys I want you to to take away from all of this are: 1) You won't be working more 2) You'll get a higher quality of client who is willing to pay more 3) You have flexibility to whom you want to work with and at the same time increase you income 4) You increase your quality energy flow and you give and receive quality value as well

So think about this model and see if you can do what you want in this way - in an orderly fashion - and you will find that your income will increase without sacrificing more hours to increasing your income.

Did you like this information? And was it helpful for you to ease your mind on how much to charge your clients? Then please share this message with someone who you feel might need to read it today. Share the energy! Have a Spectacular Day!!!

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