The Movers and Lookers
Which One Do You Want To Be?

by Mark Treick on October 19, 2010

“Human beings hardly ever learn from the experience of others. They learn; when they do, which isn't often, on their own, the hard way."

- Robert Heinen

One thing I have learned from good coaching is the fact that a good coach will send their students off with a "Notion" to get their feet wet. And then they ask that student to take action on that notion. The coach gives them a direction, and now it's the student’s turn to find their own way, through the muck and filth, where the learning really takes place. When we look to the movers to save us from our circumstances, to find our solutions for us, we become soft and dependent. We become so codependent to making this cycle work, that we cannot make a decision without asking the approval of another person's ideas. And because of this codependency, we move from one person's solution to another person's solutions diligently. When we find out the next person's solution gets us nowhere as well, we get right back on the codependent tracks leading us to another idea, another hope that will solve our problems. We check out another book that's sure to help our ailments. We take another webinar promising change. We get on-line and sign up for another Guru blog. By learning more and broadening our knowledge, we are definitely taking action . . . Right? By being smarter about a topic means we will make our troubles go away . . . Right? We will do less failing and become a success . . . Right??? Reading about or listen to what the movers have to say on topics that we need help with, is not in itself bad. Our training has taught us, especially in Internet Marketing, that we have to make sure we are on top of the latest ideas and challenges facing us. We really are, or have become, excellent students. The differences between the movers and the lookers are that they do make a fortune in business, and on the Internet, but they are not necessarily the best information and knowledge "Regurgitators." They are the ones that filter out the noise and apply a "notion" from the information they have gathered. Even though they have read all the chapters in every book that we have, they have not yet learned anything . . . yet. They know their learning will come after applying the notion. Then, and only then, do they find out if that notion works at all. They may fail HUGE. They may look stupid in their efforts while failing, but they do it anyway because they know they have no choice! Their thirst for proving something that can help them succeed supersedes their fears of failing and looking stupid. They win, the rest of us struggle. Instead of reading the next book, or follow the next Guru to get them past their latest hang-up, they move on to the next notion. They become doers, and movers, and mountain climbers in their industry. They succeed beyond their wildest dreams. These things happens simply because the movers act on their notions. They take it personally, and as a byproduct of taking this action personally, they have people like you and me looking up to them like they are gods. We become the Groupies that think to ourselves, "If I can just get close enough to this superstar they will make me rich, too." Right??? Of course you will be richer in their presence. They are great people for sure. They have magnetic personalities. They make you feel so alive. Your future - because of their ideas - looks less bleak and full of promise, all good things for sure. Two things that are for sure that will happen, however, are that these Guru's will get richer and richer with your money because you are going to buy there latest and greatest "Make Money" ideas (That's a given), and you become poorer and poorer and finding yourself stuck with a whole lot of ideas but no money coming in. What gives? What gives is the way that these Gurus’ pursue their ideas and their passions. They simply do not wait to apply their notions. They act and then _________. Fill in the blank! Are you one of the the movers or the lookers? Are you willing to put yourself out there on a sheer whim and make things happen? Are you willing to take the action that needs to be taken? Or, are you the one who is still comfortable sitting in your easy chair soaking in the latest and greatest information and calling it good, thinking all I need to do is get to this last little point, then I'll move? Are you willing to stay in your roll as the armchair quarterback, knowing what you think is the right way to do things, but take little or no risk at all? SO, again, are you one of the movers or the lookers? You have the tools to do either. It really is . . . right now . . . up to you. To return to the home page click The Movers

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Terry Petrovick October 21, 2010 at 7:27 am

I think most people are comfortable being comfortable. If you want to succeed in a big way the you must get comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s where the grow occurs.

Thanks for the Focus Kick in the Pants! (lol)

You have a choice so, make it a better than terrific day!



Jan Robberts November 17, 2010 at 5:37 am

Hi Helen and Mark,

Great article and a good one for some introspection.
On top of what Terry says there are also a lot of people who are uncomfortable being comfortable…

A bit like the story about a man sitting on the porch and his big dog is lying sleeping nearby.
A passer by notices that,every so often the dog wakes up and hollers so he says to the man;”Poor dog;does he have nightmares?”
To which the owner says :”heck no,he’s just lying on a plank with a nail sticking out”
“Why does he not get up and move then?”
“well,It hurts him enough to be uncomfortable but it doesn’t hurt enough to move”

Warm regards,

Jan 🙂


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