Typical Thanksgiving Message “In Our Line Of Work”

Mark's Bad Coffee Day

by Mark Treick on November 28, 2013

I'm up at 5:45. Why? Because I have to get work done! It's a Typical Thanksgiving Message Day!!!

It's a work day like always.

I have to make coffee first thing (like usual), and then I have to go sit in the sauna (a normal event), I have to meditate for at least - oh let's see - an hour? (Yeah right, today 45minutes - NO TIME!), Then off to check emails and see how the "followers" are doing on Facebook (I mean . . . really?), getting up from the computer (drudgery!) and pour myself a cup of Jo, then sit back down - sometimes I stand - at the computer, tap out an email or blog or capture page or sales page - the usual activity, send it out to my list, then play at the park, eat some breakfast.... whatever.... It's exhausting!!! Every day the same thing!!! I NEED A BREAK!!!!!!!!

I work from my home (or wherever I want to be) and it can be such a drag. I mean sometimes my coffee isn't as good as I'd like it.

Anyway, enough about my exhausting life at my home business...


Come to think of it, and when I look at it closely, it's not all that bad. I have to look at the good side of things. There's gotta be a silver lining in here someplace. Not just focusing on all the work I constantly have to do, like helping other build their dreams and passions into realities...

(Yeah good idea - let's get off of that...)

Let's see, let's make a list:

I do have a loving and beautiful wife who does simply remarkable "whatevers" (CHECK)

I have a wonderful and growing son, Oren, who makes me crazy all the time, yet has an uncanny ability to make me feel like the best Dad a boy could ever have (CHECK)

My daughter, Chelsea, whom we lost over a year ago from a tragic accident in our back yard, who does remarkable things in peoples lives all over the globe daily with her Spirit alone, who is constantly with us helping us through our days in her own special way (I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL) (CHECK)

An extended family that is a kick to spend time with on these special days (any days for that matter) who are always there for me and us, even when it doesn't seem like times are good (CHECK)

Oh and the Seahawks really do not SUCK this year! (CHECK)


I guess I really do have a lot to be thankful for. Life is good!!!

Release your stories, live in yourselves, and be at peace.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
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