Tell Your Story First Will Actually Maximize Your Sales

Tell Your Story

Achieve maximal results for your online business by breaking away from a "Make Money First mentality." Understand - deeply - that you are not your monetization model. You are the Content that you provide. Tell you story first. It's the key!

In other words...

You are not a Network Marketer.

You are not a Google AdSense seller.

You are not a product seller.

You are not an affiliate.

All of the above are merely examples of monetization models that you may be implementing on your site. If you limit your business (and vision!) to one model, you miss leveraging your income and time.

Expand your possibilities... think of yourself as being in the "Story Writing Business." Label yourself as a "Content Provider," first and foremost.

Capitalize on your monetization potential by keeping an open mind about diversity. One person I know exemplifies this perfectly. Rather than growing his local business of asphalt-sealing, now sells asphalt-sealing kits all over the world. If he kept blinders on about merely using his website to find more local clients, he'd have never found this easier, more lucrative way to monetize his business.

So... MLM's or the eBay's or the Amazon's or the Google's, and so forth? You are not any of those. They will try to own you (especially MLM's) -- break out of that indoctrination. The sooner you realize that you do not "do them," they will stop owning your attention.

At that point, you will realize that you own them. You pick and choose your blend of monetization options. Everyone wins.

Are you being dishonest doing all this stuff before focusing on the money you can bring in?

Not at all. For example: Your corner baker who smiles at you when you come in, who spends time explaining different breads to you, and who wishes you a great day when you leave. Of course, he wants your business. He's smart enough to know that people do business with people they like and respect.

If he doesn't really like you, though, you'll see through that false veneer (same thing happens if you create generic, no-voice content online). And if his product is bad, he won't last (same type of failure will result online if you choose poor monetization models).

So what business are you "in"?

You are in the business of providing your story with great content... content that will attract targeted traffic and builds trust, likability, credibility, etc. Making money off all your visitors comes later.

Provide great content about your product, then sell your product's supplies. Provide helpful content about keeping your body healthy, then recommend your MLM company's product line that can provide that for them. Regardless of what your niche may be, it's always the same approach.

Think, feel and focus on your content and your story first! The money push comes after that. Not beforeā€¦ You'll be amazed with the resultsā€¦

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