Revitalized Optimized Press Will Make Millionaires

by Mark Treick on August 1, 2013

Helen and I are so excited . . . for you… Your business is about to explode. We can feel it. Optimized Press is Re-launching it's new 2.0 version, and we are literally in Awe of it's power…

Get ready to create even more highly converting landing pages, sales pages, membership pages, even blogs and start doing it right now…

There are 3 options available to customers...

Pro Package: $297 - unlimited personal sites

Publisher Package: $197 - 10 personal sites

Core Package: $97 - 3 personal sites

(All packages are for personal use only - Sorry developers you can't build other peoples sites with these options.)

Check out this revealing video showing the real power of OP 2.0

==> Cool Video <==

Even if you are you new to Online Marketing, Optimized Press 2.0 makes it easy to use, even for complete newbies.

Must Read: Some Options Available

1) A basic plug and play real-time "Live Editor" platform. What this means is simple. You create it, you see the changes immediately.

No clicking the "Refresh Button" and waiting for the page to build. You build it, you see it . . . instantly and REALLY COOL!

2) Fully responsive "Mobile Ready" pages ready instantly…

No extra work either. You plug it in and it's all ready to go on all devices whether it's on your desktop or in your hand.

All your sales pages, landing pages, membership sites, and blogs will be stunning all the time - anywhere.

3) WordPress Plugin Galore and fully integrated.

You can benefit from all the power of the WordPress plugin eco-system available, adding additional functionality and optimization to your websites and pages.

Now you can make your site do almost anything without knowing any coding or HTML. You just load it on and you it copy and past. Done.

Can you say Awesome?

4) Over 30 new templates to choose from

This is such a huge improvement from OP 1.0 it's not even really that funny. This new 2.o version kills it, and kills it hard!

Simply use a pre-made template and start capturing leads and bring in sales in less than 5 minutes. It's that powerful.

5) 40 Custom Elements adding functionality to any page. Create and bring in almost unlimited functionality to anything you do.

Choose different headlines, order boxes, testimonial blocks, countdown timers, video and audio players, etc…

==> If you need it OP 2.0 has it <==

6) And are you wondering if it will work with all the other programs you have now, like your autresponders, portals, and optimizing tools?

Check out this list and see:

Aweber MailChimp iContact GetResponse OfficeAutopilot Infusionsoft 1ShoppingCart Member360 WishlistMember DigitalAccessPass MemberMouse FastMember Google Analytics
Google Content Experiments
Visual Website Optimizer
Kissmetrics 7) Create secure membership sites and content delivery portals.

And do it all securely and without plugins. It's all in place. You build it, sell it, and everyone is secure

And you'll have the freedom to make it all look the way you want everything to look. No more fixed layouts you have to live with. All custom all the time. Create the design of your dreams.

And shopping carts? You already have PayPal, Clickbank, or Infusionsoft? OP 2.0 has it covered. Integrate your shopping cart or gateway immediately. And they're adding more all the time…

And there is so ugh more…

==> Check it all out here <==

It's now up to you. Want to be a star in the online world? The you need Optimized Press 2.0.

If you have any questions, please call Helen or Myself (Mark) at (503) 863-6968 and we'll tell you flat out why this tool is necessary for your business.

We use it, our clients use it, and now it's time for you to use it.

==> Here's the link again <==

Have a Spectacular Day!
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