Make It Happen Success Principle, Number 5

You've mastered Make It Happen Success Principles 1 - 4, now you're ready to take on MAke It Happen Success Principle Number 5.

This principle is all about taking action because 99% of the time it's the number one skill you that you'll ever learn while developing your career as a marketer.

It's called prospecting.

And I'm not just talking about you telling other people that you're thinking about it . . . You need to actually do it. Right now!

Again, you do not want to be a spectator. You need to get in the game, be a player and get your uniform Filthy Dirty!

Success Principle Number 5 goes some thing like this:

"Successful people do what others find boring or uncomfortable"

And it's here where the rubber really meets the road for most Online Marketers. By doing the uncomfortable, you'll get banged around. By doing the boring stuff others won't will mean you'll get bruised. Commit yourself to prospecting, because to make your online business more successful - even wildly successful - you'll need to get'er done.

All successful online marketers create attention and stir things up around them when they prospect. They forget about the little cares, sidesteps and distractions that keep them from achieving this important step in their plan.

You have to become a master at blocking out the unnecessary and focus on what's going to get you to your end result.

Block out distractions - like other people's opinions and the nasty sarcastic comments all around you - and focus only on revenue producing activities.

Get used to talking to people, and make sure you stretch yourself. Create and surround yourself and your business with a larger network of people.

Get yourself out there meeting new people as often as you can. Take the first step. Go to your local Chamber of Commerce and go to their "Meet and Greets." Make a point to prospect. It's the lifeblood of your business.

Even if you are using the Internet to build your business with Web 2.0 strategies, social media or pay-per click marketing, you still want to pick up the phone and call your leads.

This is not cold calling. Don't worry about that. If you're marketing online and generating leads, your prospects are not even close to cold anymore. They're warm and getting hotter, and they are far more willing to hear what you have to say.

If they've opted into your landing page, they've seen your story, they've seen your offer. They are looking to joining "YOU" and your business.

Heck, if you're blogging or making yourself known on Facebook or You Tube or other social media, and branding yourself correctly, most likely they'll know who you are before you pick up the phone.

But the power of being on the phone - even just a few minutes - with someone who hasn't purchased your product or service yet, could easily result in a sale.

Even if it doesn't, you'll still be gaining and developing people skills, which is a must as well.

Apply these practices as well when you write your articles, your press releases, your videos, and your blog posts. Your overall marketing ability will improve 100% - even more - once you understand and improve your prospecting skills and how to apply them.

Each prospect you speak with and connect with will bring you one step closer to your success. By sticking with this philosophy and learning to prospect every day, you'll -become a more confident in your abilities. You'll even become a leader of others, as well as a "Self-Leading" influence.

Others will follow you and your grand ideas, but only when you learn how to prospect effectively. If you can't prospect, or worse yet - refuse too, you're business will NEVER be as successful as it could be and will be doomed to continually struggle.

In your business, or in any really successful business, there is no shallow end. You better learn how to swim. Prospecting will keep you from taking on too much water, and will keep on the path toward great success in your enterprise.

To recap "Make It Happen Success Principle Number 5:

"Successful people do what others find boring or uncomfortable."

What are you willing to do today that others won't? Get that answered and you'll be on your way to greatness in your business.

Have A Spectacular Day!

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