Make It Happen Success Principle, Number 4

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Good feed back is always nice, and from what I've gleaned so far from the first 3 Make It Happen Success Principles you've received, you're liking it.

Thank you for taking the time and energy to apply these principles not only in your business, but your life as well. I commend you for that. You're awesome!

However, at this stage in any life building process, especially when someone builds you up for doing good, there is a tendency to let your guard down just a little. To not focus quite as hard on the next task at hand in the process.

And that's purely natural and it's Okay.

It's just something to remember as you move your energies to higher levels of frequency. The more you climb, the more you resinate with the frequency you are building inside you, the more you need to stay more conscious about the changes happen to you and around you.

It's time to become the observer of your thoughts and feelings and keep your focus on the direction and goals you are intending to move toward.

Because remember, just having knowledge in your life is not power. It's applying that knowledge you acquire in the process that is powerful.

So it's good you're applying these principles into for life. It's also good that as you do change and become recognized by others for those changes, that you stay focused and stay present. Acknowledge the accolades, but remember to keep moving onward.

And this leads us pretty close to your next Make It Happen Success Principle #4, but first . . . A clue. The clue is a phrase that's its basis:

Adversity does not build character; it reveals it.

How you handle yourself during challenges is one of the most important ingredients in the formula for success.

The key then to success principle #4 is not to get attached to any one set of circumstances or conditions, good or bad, but to the process itself.

You see you are going to have many Ups and Downs while you're becoming successful. You will experience the highs of success and the lows of what you may think are failures.

Accept the fact that you will have peaks and valleys all the time.

The key is to find the silver lining in every cloud and learn that there are opportunities in every setback. Not just some setbacks. ANY and ALL setback.

The most important lesson you can learn and understand from having success, is that success really is the end result of having one failure after another failure and learning from mistakes. But here's the key component in the process.

Never lose sight of your dreams and goals.

Here's something I would like you to consider: Since success is a result of consistently failing, then why not double you rate of consistently failing. Learn to fail quickly twice as fast and you'll become successful twice as fast.

It's seems counter intuitive I know, because the concept to accept failure is not readily taught in our society, but you look at any wildley successful person in business and in life, their lives are full of one very common denominator - FAILURES.

So here it is, your Make It Happen Success Principle #4 for today:

"Learn to Discipline Your Disappointments."

In business or in life, You will come across people and/or events that will disappoint you. When we run into these events, what many of us do is look directly at the negative aspects of the situation, and then focus our entire emotional energy and attention directly at the problem.

I'm here to tell you, right now, if this is you, then your failures will only be leading you astray. You will never - EVER - reach your dreams and goals by letting a negative outlook take hold of your focus and make your success possible.

When disappointment happens, and wherever it happens, you need to find the silver lining. You need to find the opportunity in the process. You cannot afford to let your life's disappointments rule you. Or better yet . . .

You cannot afford to be disappointed, and you cannot afford to be discouraged.

If you know that success is inevitable and along the way you are to experience some challenges, accept them - embrace them - and know they are part of the process.

You will be challenged as you keep moving along your changes you and others see happening in your life, so to make the journey more enjoyable and much smoother, learn to discipline your disappointments and you'll make it to the top where you belong.

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