Make It Happen Success Principle, Number 3

When Helen and I first began working on our Online Business, we were told by one of our mentors that he even skipped a meal now and then to make sure his business was going to get off the ground…

At first I thought that was a little extreme. You need food to stay healthy and keep going, right?

He explained to me that he just got so wrapped up in helping his clients with their businesses that he just forgot to eat. It wasn't that he didn't want to eat. He just realized at times he needed to paying more attention to his clients, and when it happened during meal time, eating came second.

Truth is he wanted to stay in the flow between making phone calls or writing emails just to stay in the flow and not lose momentum.

Personally I have missed many meals - though it may not seem like it when you look at some of my pictures! (Sheese!) - just to help others make their dreams and their passions come true.

But Make It Happen Success Principle #3 was a tough one for me. I love food, and to think at one point in my life I had to make a choice between Food or Work, was akin to screeching my finger nails across a chalk board.

And I don't want to hear that noise! EVER!!!

Sometimes you have to make choices in life. Do I walk or drive? Will I use an umbrella or just wear a hat? Do I get the kid a dog or a cat?

Do I eat because it's dinner time or since client needs help NOW, should help them and build my business?

Whether it's skipping a meal to get a deal done, tightening your belt financially, giving up TV, or spending time with the wrong people. Sometime you have to make difficult choices even when it seems at first those choices come with a heavier cost too you personally…

Make It Happen Success principle #3 is this:

"Getting what you want, is knowing what you have to give up to get it"

Everyone has things they need and must give up r get rid of. They need to lose these things if they are going to reach the level of success they desire.

Giving up certain overindulgent habits associated with eating, drinking, smoking, or watching TV are easy to identify and pretty easy to decide to lessen their grips on your life or even to give up on entirely.

But you have to make the choices to change your life; to know what you need to give up in order to get to where you want and need to go.

The key to whatever you decide to eliminate from your life, is to remove the things and habits that take you into spirals downhill or that really ex-spire you, and take you away from your goals and passions.

And replace them with things and habits that will resonate at higher frequencies and in-spire you and bring you closer to reaching what you set out to achieve.

Make the choice - right now - to find all the things you have to lesson in your life or give up entirely in order to reach your goals.

Do this and over time you will see how simple reaching your goals and living your dreams can be.

The alternative is always accepting less and never reaching your full potential, and your bad habits will always control your life.

Go make something big happen, just know what you must give up to get it.

Have a Spectacular Day!

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