Make It Happen Success Principle, Number 2

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What sets apart all top income earners and producers you have ever met?  Success principle #2 is something that almost every one of these people do on a daily basis.

It goes along the lines of, "Either pay now, or you'll ll pay later."

Truth is, either way, you WILL pay, and what you'll pay for, is exactly what you'll get.

Jim Rohn says, "Do whatever you have to do as quickly as you can, so you can do whatever you WANT to do, for as long as you can."

Successful people do the things right now . . . TODAY. And they do the things others won't do. By doing this successful people set themselves up to do the thing TOMORROW, that others CAN'T do.

If you only play when the odds are against you, you'll find that you are always just "getting by". will also find that you are consistently going from a state of chaos to a state of temporary "survival". This is a life of mediocrity.

I know because I used to live it.

But when I learned Success Principle #2, everything began to come together and make more sense.

So, Success Principle #2, is this…

" You must be a Four Quarter Player "

You see, so many people are driven to act when they are absolutely forced too. They find themselves barely getting out of one situation then moving to the next one. They are almost always in a state of chaos along the way, and what are their results? A life of mediocrity. Far from a life of clarity that is hoped for.

In high school grades came easy to me. I learned that I din't have to work very hard, so I took on the attitude that taking the path of least resistance was in my best interest. Why work hard when I didn't have too?

I learned I had the ability to take in the information needed - do very little studying - and still ace the tests.

When I graduated moved my cocky butt to college my whole story abruptly changed. The assignments were impossible! The information being sent my way become overwhelming and the content of the messages were extremely complicated. I soon found I couldn't keep up, and I was falling further and further behind in my studies.

When it came time to taking a test - forget it - I was sunk. Even cramming the "all nighters" didn't do me any good. The days of skating easily by and acing my tests like I did in high school came to an unforgiving and abrupt end.

I was failing HUGE and failing miserably. What was I ever going to do to get out of this mess?

I had to make decision: go on with my old course of action and accept my outcome - failure, or break free of my old habits and learn new ones that would lead to a successful outcome. It was up to me, but I had to make the decision to play, play hard, and play to the end.

I realized then, like I do now being in business for myself, that I had to make a 100% commitment to what I was doing each and every day and stick to my game plan. If I did that the chances were very high I would have a successful outcome.

You have to play all of the quarters of the game to win. If you don't, guess what? You pay the price! You lose.

Fill your days with a set of goals that are realistic and attainable - leave room for some that will stretch you of course - but make a list that motivates you. Do this and it will help you finish strong. Helen and I play all four quarters. The steps aren't always huge - they can be incremental at times - they just have to move you forward and move you toward your successful outcome.

It's up to you now. Put your game plan together and expect to play all 4 quarters.

Have A Spectacular Day!

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