Make It Happen Success Principle, Number 1


Participants Alway Play to the Level of Their Competition.

This is so true, especially in sports. Whether it be in horse racing or in the olympics or in a high school state finals in the 100 years dash. The best are usually in the finals, and usually there is never a clear best choice who is going to win the race.

  • Who are you surrounding yourself with in your life? In your business?
  • Are they the people always making it to the finals of the race?
  • Are they supportive of your dreams and desires?
  • Are you paying attention to who will help develop you grow personally?
  • Are they winners?

  • Take these questions to heart! Please, don't take them lightly. How you answer them will ultimately not just determine how well you are faring in business, but in life's game.

    Be sure to surround yourself with the people who will bring happiness and joy to your life! However, make sure they are successful, ultimately even more so than you are, so you can be on a frequency that will bring you success.

    Maybe it's time to get a coach. Maybe its time to find a mentor who can get you thinking in the correct ways. Maybe it's time to drop those friends who are not on the same frequency as you. Maybe it's time you stopped listening to the people who tell you can't do it.

    And make the conscious choice to remove their influence in your life. I'm not saying get rid of them absolutely out of your life. Just remove their influence.

    When you make this choice to do bring in more successful people into your life, it puts you in the position to "Mastermind" with them. To bring you accountability and provide feedback and share ideas that help them and you build you personally but, ultimately, bring you more success into your business.

    It's time to play to the level of your competition. It's up to you. Are you ready to take on the challenges?

    Time to change your thinking from doing business as usual and getting the same results and the same old limiting thoughts surrounding you, to thinking that can explode you to the next level you need to get to.

    It's time to change your seat in the bleachers watching the competition, to paying with the competition. It's time to get in the game.

    You can make the choice today to surround yourself with successful people. Call someone up that always seems helps you feel much better about thing and what I'm doing. Find people you resonate with.

    Resist the temptation to yak it up with same old stand by's. If you don't, that's exactly what you become. The "Stand By." It's time to play to the level of your competition and leave the others on their sidelines.

    Remember, going with the flow like water does, and following the path of least resistance, only means you are allowing yourself to perpetually go down hill. Water only flows because it can't resist gravities pull. You, on the other hand, can resist the gravitational pull.

    You are more than water.

    You are more than gravity.

    Surround yourself with the right people, who are like minded to your essence and your desires and dreams, who are also on their way up, and you will climb as well.
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    busuyi coker June 1, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    Can this work in Nigeria at Africa?


    Arnulfo Garcia October 2, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    I’m newbie…hello,I’m interesting to make money online…teach me how to do it..everything…I’m looking forward to do business with
    you…thank you…


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