Are You Dreaming Your Life Away?

by Mark Treick on February 22, 2014

5 Regrets on Death Bed
Through everything that has happened to me and my immediate family over the last 2 years has been both extremely challenging and rewarding.

Hypothetically if asked, "Mark, with everything that happened to you over the past 2 years, would you want to change anything, or would you want a different outcome?"

My absolute honest answer would be - without a doubt - a resounding . . .

"No. I wouldn't change a thing or a different outcome . . ."

To some of you that may be a little surprising, but what I am about to share with you is really the reason I can say this.

You see, so many people go through their lives "Unconscious" of what they are doing. They have no idea they are asleep at the wheel of their own life.

Each street they are traveling on leads to the future - the unknown. It's in this unknown that they worry and a fear. They have a vision of where they want to go but are fearful they may not make it to their final outcome.

When they look back to where they came from in their rear view mirror, they see what they just past. The roads they could have turned down but they didn't. Now they have remorse and start blaming themselves or pointing fingers at others for not helping them make a better choice. They see their past either a long way back or just very recent, and attach themselves to what could have been…

If this is you, and if this describes how your life is unfolding, then you are not living "Consciously" and living your "Truth…" You are in fact "Asleep at the he Wheel…"

Your life is passing you by because you are identifying with what you have already been and what you are to become. These past's and these future's are not real. They are not real - unless you give these stories power by thinking reality into them - and can never be real . . . EVER . . . But more importantly these stories that most people identify with are not who "They Are."

You are not these "Unconscious Stories" either!

Your profound self. Who you really are is found deep within you, not in your mind, a place where what's happen and what is to become can only have a life. Your Truth, your Beauty, your Wonderment, is in the place you are standing at right now.

What are you doing at this very moment? You are reading this article. Are you reading it in the future? Are you reading it in the past? No you are reading it now. You are not focused on anything but what is in front of you right now. You are in a conscious state.

You are aware of what is happening in your life now… You are conscious. There is not past there is no future. You are in the moment!

Now, since you are in this state ask yourself, "Who am I?"

Take a moment and reflect on this and then come back...

Go On! Stop reading and take a moment............


What did you experience?

I'm saying all this because that day of reckoning, the day we take our last breath in our bodies, is actually a day many suddenly realize how "Unconscious" they really were throughout their lives…

If we are fortunate enough to know we are about to die and leave our bodies, and actually have the precious opportunity to honestly reflect on "Who I Am" is the ultimate "conscious act."

It is for many the only time they will ever be conscious. The only time they will actually be awake from their life of dreaming.

Now let me ask you (hypothetically) some questions . . .

What will you do in that moment when you are given the opportunity to reflect upon your life?

What will you be able to say?

Will you know who you are?

Will you know the truth about your own life?

Or are you going to regret your life?

The article you're about to read is beautiful. It has a wonderful message. But my point through all this is that you can find your consciousness now . . . TODAY . . . You don't have to wait for your last days to find peace . . . Or your inner truth.

Nurse Reveals Top 5 Regrets People Make On their Deathbed

Peace be with you all…

- Mark

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Péron van Stralen February 22, 2014 at 9:27 am

Being conscious. In the Now. Connects. Without boundaries and distance. Nice words. With Love & Light from the other side, of the Atlantic ocean.


Emi February 22, 2014 at 10:08 am

Hi Mark,

Beautiful article and great point
I wouldn’t change anything either

“Life is a choice. It is YOUR life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness.”


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