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by Mark Treick on November 27, 2012

Here's my take on why you should create storyboards. Have you ever been working on a new website or blog page, or been writing a Facebook or blog post that just had to be finished in the next couple minutes and suddenly there was a power glitch, or you hit backspace when you meant to saving something, and suddenly in the blink of an eye you lost everything? I don’t care how experienced you are in Online Marketing – and anyone who has been working in the online world for any amount time can identify with this – you can resolve this problem and eliminate it from EVER happening to you again. All you have to do is adopt one simple practice and all your mystifying lost content problems will fly away. It’s called “Storyboarding” your work. The quickest way I know to build a page on your website or blog, or even creating content for a Facebook or Blog post, is to open your text editor or Word document, set up a template corresponding to the platform you want your information to go to, and you are 90% of the way to never seeing content disappear again. What about the other 10% of the time? Resolve to save your work and save it often. And that’s pretty much it. Here’s how to set up your “Storyboard.” Create a template for the page you want to create. Then you can create a new page by duplicating off this template, name the new page accordingly, then save it to a file on your desktop. This way you'll always have a “blueprint” of each updated finished page on your computer. Here’s an example below: FILE NAME:Market Your Passion Today PAGE TITLE:Create Storyboards for Your Content KEYWORDS 
Storyboards, online marketing, disappearing content DESCRIPTION: Storyboards help me keep my content for my blog in tact and safe from suddenly disappearing. HEADLINE: 
Create Storyboards, Save Your Content TEXT: ((Your reading it on this blog post…)) Sound easy? You bet it is, and having the storyboards practice in place is better than the alternative of losing your content… To learn not just “Storyboarding” but how to set up your business the RIGHT way, let me know and I’ll send you the 7 Simple Steps. If you have found this information useful – leave a comment! Have a Spectacular Day!
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