Chelsea Hannah Memorial Fund for Susan Hoskin

Mark and I have set up a fund to help Mark's sister Sue Hoskin in this trying time. She recently was diagnosed with brain cancer. She had a tumor removed 3 weeks ago from the front of her brain. She is now undergoing radiation therapy and will start chemotherapy soon. They are in need financially to help with medical bills and everyday living expenses. Any small bit will help them.

Sue is Chelsea's paternal aunt, and we know this is what Chelsea would want to do. Even though she was so small and has only been here for just over one short year, she would do anything for her family. Maybe in some small way this is what she was put here to do.

You may make a donation by clicking the "donate" link below. You can also make donations to any Wells Fargo Bank across the US by going to your local branch and asking to make a donation to the Susan R Hoskin Fund.

Alternatively, you can send a check to us personally made out to Susan Hoskin and we will deposit it for you. Address letter to Helen Avery or Mark Treick 123 Ashley Court Newberg, OR 97132

If you want to contact us personally please do so through this site or on Facebook at or

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