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by Mark Treick on January 31, 2013

I have really struggled these past few months with my inner self. I have gone from moments of seemingly complete clarity and then, in almost an instant, I am reeling to the other polar direction to its complete opposite - blockage.

One of the lessons I've learned over these past few months is that your mind will play tricks on you. It doesn't desire to be hateful to you. It does this out of self-preservation. Your mind in a way wants to keep you from harm. It wants to be protector.

And you tend to believe that. You believe it because you're unconscious to letting it happen.

You see, your mind, and your thoughts that derived from that mind of yours, is set up by all the ideas presented to you in your life's experience. This in-turn created a belief structure, your belief structure.

Yes, I have had some tremendous inner change happen to me over the past year, some bad and some good, like most normal people do, but even with these changes, I had to confront my mind, the mind that wants to protect me.

I thought, for instance, "Now that I am more 'Enlightened', I thought, "my mind will fall in line." "And, since it protects me, it will follow my lead and let me be in control of my life."

Yeah, right!

I thought all I had to do was tell my mind to change and it would then all be "Green grass on the other side of the fence" for the rest of my life.

(I'm going to write a book and call it, "The Grass Ain't Greener on the Other Side - Unless of course there's poo over there." But that's for another day and another story…)

What I didn't fully comprehend was that I was asking my age-old protector to change. To let me be conscious again, away from it's protection, so I can live in the moment, and move forward with my life. I was asking my mind to let go of the years of my life's experiences it's been exposed to and soaking in all these years, like the grip of a dry sponge does with water.

I had lost control over any real conscious change. I had relinquished control of my thoughts of change to my mind, and it's controlling unconscious ways. I never thought it would sabotage me. It never thought it wouldn’t want me to thrive. But what I found out, and you will too, is that your mind won't let go of it's past. It really doesn't know how.

My mind went right into a protection made. It told me all the things that I shouldn't do. It told me all the reasons I wasn't good enough to improve. It told me anything I was used to it telling me.

Let me repeat that…

It told me anything I was used to it telling me.

And I was listening and, here's the important part . . . I believed every word!

I believed my mind because I was not was not conscious to make the choice to observe my own changes, and expose my minds wayward intentions to stop my changing it.

What I learned over these past months was that my mind told me what to believe, and I did exactly what I was told. But I decided I no longer wanted to be its servant. In order to do that, though, I had to become my own observer. Become separate from what my now old mind wanted, and expose those unconscious parts of me that needed to be let go. So off I went to make all this happen.

What I found out was that, though it's easy to say all this stuff, it's another thing to actually make it happen. It's hard because my mind became threatened. It thought it was going to die, so in order to stay alive it needed to protect me, its host.

My mind created in me a viscous cycle. I was feeling good and fired up to see the changes. I would make the goals, try really hard to learn something new, and - WHAM - I suddenly had incessant thoughts of how these changes were not ever going to happen. My mind tolled me, for lack of a better term that I pretty much SUCKED and I should just give up.

This cycle is the game we go through when we decide to change things in our life, and your current mind, the one that is still living in your past that you are intending to change from, usually wins the battle.

It usually wins the battle because it gives you the feelings it knows will create within you confusion. The feelings that are emotionally opposite of what you want to achieve.

If these emotions are strong enough to really impart confusion and doubt, these same emotions then become your identity, especially when your belief systems are challenged and you are thrown into a flight or fight mode. And once that happens, and you are unconsciously accepting that your mind is right, forget it. You go into an unconscious state and spiral away from your centered self and away from anything productive, like the changes you want.

Here’s What You Can Do

Become aware that your mind is going to sabotage you. The challenge for you will be that you become an observer of these changes you want, and when your mind decides to go into this fight with you, that you expose these feelings for what they are, an attempts to sabotage you.

Once you recognize that. Once you become that conscious observer, you win the battle. Your mind has lost its control over and the changes you want.

Your mind, as it is now - stops running your life and you stop believing its subtle attempts to tell you its unrealities. You then start to working toward these changes that are good for you.

In summary: Become an observer of your thoughts. Become your own observer because you will be bombed with your subconscious mind's attempts to sabotage your intended changes.

Recognize these thoughts and emotions that your mind will bring forward, then expose them for what they are, not real. You are now in a conscious state. Once the unconscious thoughts and feelings from your mind have been exposed to the conscious world, they will dissolve because they cannot exist in any conscious state.

Change is really possible now. Now you can move forward with whatever your life desires…

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