Building a State of Frustration? Time to Step Back

by Mark Treick on September 16, 2010

Post image for Building a State of Frustration?  Time to Step Back Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping in to check out Market Your Passion Today! As I am developing this blog I noticed a funny thing happening to me during its building process. I have become a "Mole." I'm a subterranean cave dweller, buried by mounting note paper and ever changing ideas and design revamps. Every time change happens it adds another piece to the building proverbial mound. I'm started to feel anxious and concerned I'm was not going to reach my goals for the day. I felt the pressure building, and I felt an awful weight on my shoulders. That's when I realized something . . . You see, I am a pencil artist, and a practice I use quite often when I'm drawing is taking a step back to not only rest my eyes, but to see my developing drawing from a little bit different perspective. It allows me a chance to see how the "Whole Picture" is coming together. Often times by taking this step back replenishes my energy, gives me new ideas, and usually gives me the will to keep moving forward. I find myself getting excited to get at it again... The same is true when you are working so closely on your projects building your business. From time to time you have to step back and take a breather just to get your bearings. Plus, taking breaks helps you keep things in perspective. You realize things aren't as serious as you first thought. So the next time you feel the overwhelming urge to toss your computer out the window or smashing your head against the desk in front of you, remember to take a breather. Get some distance - if just for 5 minutes - and take a look at what you've accomplished. I bet after you do this you'll see your progress, and see also that you are much closer to your goals than when you first started.
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Paul and Linda Gaume September 17, 2010 at 4:29 pm

Helen and Mark just wanted to stop in and let you know we just found your website through a mutual friend. Paul and I are also a couple working our dream together and very happy to see and meet others doing the same.

Hope to see more of you out there. Life is all in what you make of it, and yes sometimes you need to walk away even for a short time to see the big picture. Love it.
Linda of Linda and Paul


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