Being Successful Now!
It’s Your Time

by Mark Treick on March 22, 2013

I want to ask you a single very important question today.

This single question could be responsible for you generating a life that you envision, and the kind of career that you see for yourself today.

Have you made the decision to be successful?

You see, most people are carrying an amazing amount of fears and doubts and considerations that usually aren't even theirs.

These affirmations come from their past experiences, from their parents, their failed attempts, or something that happened from the past.

This tainted experience becomes part of their physiology. Part of their consciousness. Part of their makeup.

And when you go to do things, like sell your products or launch a new program for your business or when they do things to step out into the world - they hold back. They stay safe. They don't make bold declarations.

They stay in a same small place.

While there are many other things that are important - marketing strategies and getting reports finished, that kind stuff, none of it makes a difference until you have made the decision that you are ready to be successful.

Make the decision - right now - that you are choosing to let go of the stories, and the conditioning that happened to you before, and make the decision that now is the time for you to be successful.

So have you made that decision? It really truly all comes down to a starting point: Have you made your decision?

If not, are you willing to - right at this moment - with me writing these words directly at you, to make that decision?

Now is your time to be successful!

When you make this decision you'll find everything that you've been putting so much effort in creating, will become stronger and better.

If you have already made made the decision to be successful, share your story with us below. What was that story? How did you find the strength or the courage to do it?

If you're declaring the decision to be successful right now, declare it in the comments section below as well, and let this be a moment of celebration for you. Step out and put an action to your decision that you just made.

If you liked this message today, send it to one person today that you know could benefit from their decision to be successful today.

Have A Spectacular Day!


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randy simek April 16, 2013 at 7:08 am

thank you God bless let’s all hope for world peace.


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