Your Basic Online Foundation Should Be Your First Priority

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by Mark Treick on December 6, 2013

Here at Market Your Passion Today we are all about building your basic online foundation by taking what you're passionate about and making it a reality online by giving you the tools that will help market your passion.

What happens a lot of the time with people who decide to take their business online, they take short cuts. They want to start making money right away so they forget about the basics.

A house is never build from the top down. It always starts with digging into the dirt.

Then something goes in that hole (usually rebar then concrete) giving the structure to come above a solid support or foundation.

Building your basic online foundation really is no different than building a houses foundation.

Without a basic foundation the law of gravy will take hold guaranteeing both structures will collapse.

So if you're focused right now on making money online without having these basic structures in place . . .


Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I have an Auto Responder?

2) Do I have a Web Host?

3) Do I have a Domain Name?

4) Do I have a reliable Website or Blog that I can create pages that will capture leads to my offers?

If you answered "No" to any of these 4 questions your online business is doomed!

Period! End of story. Throw the baby out with the bath water…

You cannot make it on line.

However, get these structures in place and you give yourself a fighting chance.

==> Get Your Basic Online Foundation Started Here <==

It's so easy to put the cart before the horse in the online world. It happens all the time and we see dreams come unravelled because of it all the time.

Get your basic structure and foundation up and running first with these 4 Basic Structures - Auto Responder, Web Host, Domain Name, Website platform - then decide how you're going to sell it all.

It's essential your driving the Cart with the horse in front of the wagon. Your basic online foundation allows this to happen.

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